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What Will I Get?

Well, this is largely up to you. Everyone’s experience is different.

However, you will probably get a lifetime of memories!small_Steuro_1

In your host country you will probably learn another language, experience different foods, study different subjects and enjoy a new culture and a new way of living.

The exchange offers you the opportunity to learn a great deal about yourself, gain confidence and self-sufficiency, as well as become an ambassador for your country.

You will attend school in your local community, as well as participate in Rotary activities and civic functions. At the same time you will be making heaps of new friends, visit exciting places and experience adventures that you will have for life.


In short, it should be a life changing experience!!

The majority of people who have particpated in the program are in general agreement about the benefits to all concerned.

To students the main advantages were:

  • greater maturity,
  • formation of lasting friendships,
  • knowledge of alternative lifestyles,
  • broadening outlook on life,
  • appreciation of ones own country especially in relation to other countries,
  • being able to mix with all sorts of people,
  • growth of self understanding,
  • self discipline and self confidence,
  • greater tolerance of other points of view,
  • self reliance,
  • appreciation of one own family,
  • development of self expression,
  • of a direction in life,
  • learning a new language
  • and an interest in international affairs.


Another benefit mentioned was an awareness of the essential sameness of human beings regardless of their race, their langauge, their colour or beliefs.